Things Typesetter Loves: Guest Post

New Love list from the super talented Ali Pittman of Typesetter. I love her because we have the same name (she's ali with an I and I am Aly. with a Y) and her enthusiastic attitude. When I did my first giveaway, I posted a photo and said free print for whoever can guess what state I am in. She guessed about 39 before landing on Vermont. It's that kinda attitude that gets you free prints in life people. Also, she is super talented. Check out her website and see for yourself:

Without further ado: 

1.) Sleek typography 

2.) Fat fluffy cats 

3.) Beyoncé jams

4.) An abundance of blue and white ginger jars 

5.) Cookie-brownies

6.) Gold bamboo accents in decor 

7.) Flowy hand-lettering

8.) ALL the gingham things 

9.) "Veep"

10.) The "marine, rose, & moss" scented candle by Candlefish 

11.) HUGE statement earrings 

12.) Seasonal mood boards

13.) Oversized woven straw totes 

14.) Clear acrylic home decor 

15.) Peony season

16.) Creating designs w/ watercolors

17.) Having no weekend plans/obligations 

18.) Slim Aarons Photography 

19.) Wavy "beach" hair

20.) Huge hammocks 


She nailed it right? Thank you Ali! Now go give her a follow! 



Aly Harris