Things I love: No.2

My Glam Squad. 

White T-shirts. 

Vintage T-Shirts

Tropical Flower Arrangments.

Shouting "bless you" to strangers who sneeze.


Commenting on people's instagrams/facebooks who I haven't talked to in years.

Saying I'm on a cleanse.


Southern names. People I have met since moving to South Carolina: Pudd'n, Chestnut, Lemon (I didn't meet her but she was on Hart of Dixie, a show about a big city girl (like me) who moves down south... and I binge watched it while living down here), Tallulah, Marty, Birdie, Cricket (also a character on Hart of Dixie) and CeCe.

When people are jealous of me. 


Watching the Kardashians Eat Salads. 


Aly Harris