Hello. I am Aly and Willa Heart is all mine.

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Things I like: Animal Print Everything, Flirting, Excess, Fashion and Home Decor from the 50's, 60's & 70's, Music from the 80's, Yiddish, Pretty Movies, Pretty People, Compliments, Elvis, Liberace, Gifts, Room Service, Bloomingdales, Sushi, and a Good Color Story. 



About me: Well, lets see... I am a virgo who does not enjoy long walks on the beach. I live in Horse Country South Carolina by way of Boston and Boynton Beach with my husband the scientist and pitbull named Viper Sashay. After being diagnosed at a young age as Dyslexic, my mother, whose middle name is Willa, took it upon herself to immerse me in the arts knowing words would never be my thing.