Things Elle McPherson Loves: GUEST POST

I am so excited to bring back my love list for a guest post by the fabulous Elle McPherson of McPherson Ave!


Elle's new website is a curated collection of gorgeous items including a few of my faves (Rixo, August Morgan, Pamela Card & Willa Heart) shipping from Canada! Her site is gorgeous, I highly recommend going and checking it out! 

Elle's Love List

  1. Stationery
  2. Long sleeved pyjama shirts
  3. Restaurant and Hotel Pens
  4. Pimento Cheese
  5. Peeling off protective plastic from new appliances
  6. Mariages Frères French Breakfast Tea
  7. A Party Dress
  8. Visiting grocery stores around the world on holiday
  9. Summers in Muskoka
  10. Family, Dogs, The Family Dog
  11. Mason Pearson Hairbrushes
  12. The Smell of Sunscreen
  13. Birds Num Nums
  14. Horse Riding
  15. The New York Magazine Crossword 
  16. Fireworks
  17. KICK by Paula Byrne
  18. Travel Sized Beauty Products
  19. Music by any of the Real Housewives
  20. Clearing My Inbox

Can we just take a minute and acknowledge number 19.? It's genius... As much as I dislike Erika Girardi, I dont hate Erika Jayne. "How many fucks do I give? zero, zero, not one!" Okay? So sue me. 

In closing, Elle is fab. You should follow her on insta @mcphersonaveonline & her Personal @ellemcphers to see fabulous trips and chic dogs. 


Aly Harris