Things Lycette Loves: GUEST POST


I am so excited that the first guest love list post is by the fabulous Jessica Chaney. Her brand Lycette is the epitome of needlepoint chic! Go check out her site and her blog and follow her on insta because baby she's worth it! 

Lycette Loves: 

  1. Gold Bangles 
  2. Needlepoint 
  3. Herend Figurines
  4. Tea Roses 
  5. Freckled Shoulders 
  6. Caftans 
  7. Entertaining Barefoot 
  8. A stack of well loved quilts 
  9. The leathery smell of a tack room 
  10. Sloppy Puppy Kisses 
  11. White Cotton Nightgowns 
  12. Books with handwritten notes in the cover
  13. Warm blueberry bread and coffee 
  14. A beautifully set table 
  15. Witty Banter 
  16. Finding sand in an old boat 'n tote 
  17. Colefax and Fowler's "Honeysuckle" fabric
  18. Antique Mahogany furniture
  19. Monogrammed Stationary  
  20. Majolica Pitchers

I told you she was fab!


Alyssa Jill



Aly Harris