The Movie Club: No. 7

Hello my babies,

Well, I need to appoglize for something. It’s not being late on the pick for October. It’s my club and I will take all the time I damn well please to declare a movie, Theeeee movie of the month. Ain’t no shame in my timeline game.

What I am sorry for is Mr. & Mrs. Smith. IT WAS SO BAD! I thought that it would be kitch and fun and all these things and it fell very flat. Brad & Angelina made me supremely uncomfortable. She looked at him the entire movie like he was an ice cream cone she wanted to lick asap before it melts. I don’t know what I was thinking. It was terrible and I am sorry for anyone who actually watched.

Enough of that, let’s move on to October.

So declaring a movie for October is hard because there are a billion amazing halloween movies. I was thinking beetlejuice, edward scissor hands (thats more Christmas though) one of the adams family movies, obviously death becomes her or the witches of eastwick but they all felt too obvious or I have watched them recently.

I wanted to pick something out of the box so I had 2 ideas but couldn’t decide. So, I went to the people and you guys voted for the 1980’s campy vampire movie over the 2000’s kitschy horror. It’s honestly for the best cause the 2000’s one is massively inappropriate which I am into but you guys might have been horrified. Although, horrifying large groups of people sparks joy for me.

So we picked the 1980’s Vampire flick. I haven’t watched this movie in probably 20 years so I don’t know how it will be. It was on HBO one month when I was in middle school and I probably watched it 10 times then but haven’t since.

So… what could it be?

Are you ready for this jelly?



MOVIE: Once Bitten (1985)

STREAMING ON: you have to rent this one, it’s on Prime & Itunes.

Yep, Once bitten! I don’t have a clue what it will be like but I remember it being fun and my best friend told me that Lauren Hutton has a killer dance scene so that will be fun to watch.

How is that for out of the box?

Happy watching!



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