The Movie Club: No. 6

Omg how are we on number 6 already? Time fly’s my babies. Before I get ahead of myself let’s discuss No.5, Drop Dead Gorgeous. It was drop dead hilarious right?

Gahh I love that movie. I hadn’t watched it in years and it fully holds up. A few weeks ago, Tim was traveling and I watched She’s All That & Can't Hardly Wait. She’s All that totally held up and was fab but Can’t Hardly Wait not so much. The music was good and it was amusing but like nah… Not even the eye candy of Ethen Embry could hold my attention… Are you asking yourself, what does all that have to do with Drop Dead Gorgeous? Don’t. It has nothing to do with it. I’m just spitballing here. Does anybody even read this thing? Comment yes below (or anything else you have to say, this is an open safe space).

Well I really feel like Drop Dead Gorgeous is some of Kirsten’s best work. I am super excited about her new show too (On Becoming a God in Central Florida). She is fun to watch and was fab in the roll of Amber Atkins. Honestly made me want to take up tap dancing & never eat shell fish again. Who are we kidding though, I could never give up Lobster. I def could take up Tap though and kill it. I am very musically inclined. JK i would be terrible. I do think I would be a great interpretive dancer. Free movement is more my scene.

Every party of this movie made me happy. I love a mockumentry. Tim was popping in and out while I was watching and he thought it was a *Christopher Guest movie (best in show, this is spinal tap), I told him it wasn’t but he didn’t believe me and still googled it. I don’t know who is behind but I knew Tim was wrong. Actually, I wonder who did Drop Dead Gorgeous cause I want to watch everything else they ever did! Looked it up and some lady name Lona Williams made it. She also wrote Sugar & Spice which i am sure will pop up in movie club at somepoint.

*full disclosure, I typed up David Guest first and was like nah that sounds wrong so i googled his name to double check and it was Christopher but DAVID Gest is that guy who married Liza Minnelli with the crazy town face. Look up photos from that wedding…. Actually don’t, this is a blog… Let me show you:


Ummm my invitation must have been lost in the mail… NOT COOL LIZA

This review is getting really long and it is all over the place so i am pulling the plug. Hope you loved the movie and if you didn’t, maybe try a new movie club?


MOVIE: MR. & MRS. SMITH (2005)

STREAMING ON: you have to rent this one, it’s on all the usual platforms

Okay so I’ve never seen this movie and always wanted to. I think I needed time to heal from the Jennifer betrayal before I was ready to watch. It’s been almost 15 years, Jennifer married Justin Theroux which is a massive upgrade from Brad (RIP to that marriage) and I feel ready to watch. Plus Brad and Angelina are kaputz which makes me (and i am sure Jen) feel vindicated.

Side Note: My father was the one who told me brad left Jen for Angelina like 4 or 5 months before I saw it in the press. He just knew.

So why did I pick this? Because I love a spy rom-com and sometimes a trashy movie is just what the doctor ordered. Am I right ladies? Also, It will be fun to see their chemistry. I think we are in for a good time. Listen, i’ve said it once and I will say it again, It’s my movie club and I will declare what every movie I want, whenever I want. Watch or don’t. But I highly recommend you do.


Ya, she really was beautiful. I think she could have stolen me away from Tim too… I don’t blame you Brad!

Time to go, happy viewing!



P.S. i really feel like i should read thru this post cause it is spastic but who cares

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