The Movie Club: No. 5

Okay so i really love The Movie Club but I am kinda not that into blogging so that’s why I am so late with this months review. Sorry not sorry.

Thoughts on The Talented Mr. Ripley… It’s eye candy but all the lying and evil give me anxiety. Also the movie was really long and I had a fairly hard time sitting thru it, Matt Damon just gave me the willies. I absolutely loved all of the supporting characters, the fashion and the scenery were to die for but ya, creepy AF. I am a totally baby with scary, I wouldn’t call this scary though… it was more like lump in the throat suspense. I don’t think I need to watch again but I am happy I saw it. Final thought: Dickie Greenleaf is the all time best name I have ever heard.

Now the big reveal


MOVIE: Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)

STREAMING ON: It’s literally only available on hulu. If you don’t have hulu, you have 3 options.

1. get hulu… Honestly I use it more than netflix and you can prob do a free trial

2. post on FB or Insta that you are having a hulu emergency and need a friends log in info immediately. Beggers can’t be choosers so if some freaky deaky weiro from your past offers up the goods, smile and nod and go watch Drop Dead Gorgeous.

3. buy the actual DVD on amazon (it’s $9.99, I checked. Honestly a bargain for the pure joy this movie will bring)

So I picked Drop Dead Gorgeous for a billion reasons. Firstly, it’s finally streaming. For some reason it hasn’t been available anywhere which is complete bullshit. Speaking of bullshit, can someone get The Nanny on Hulu or Prime or Nextflix or that new Disney streaming thing the announced today? Please and thank you.

Other reasons… we needed something light and easy after Talented Mr. Ripley. Drop Dead Gorgeous is just what the doctor ordered. It’s the best. I used to watch it all the time when I was in middle school, it’s the reason I can do a killer midwestern accent.

I can’t wait for you guys to watch! It’s so good!


Talk soon! Love you!


PS i feel like I keep picking movies that are made in 99… so random.

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