June St. George

I am sure you have heard me yammering on about my latest collaboration with June St. George by now but if you haven’t then we have an issue and I am going to need you to contact me immediately.

So last winter around the holidays, my amazing college intern was home from school and helping me with inventory (shout out to Madeline who is a wiz at counting!) told me about this new company she had discovered on instagram. The company was called June St. George and i instantly fell in love! I am a sucker for anything you can customize and I had never heard of custom rugs. My mind was blown & it took about .2 seconds for me to slip into those DM’s and fan girl over the concept.

What I love about June St. George is that it’s a southern based, female owned company and the idea of custom rugs is completely original. It is also a brand new company & I love the idea of two young brands partnering up and trying something new!

Designing rugs has always been something I wanted to do… The process was super challenging and different from anything I had ever done and I loved every second of the experience.

Cut to July 15th & the launch of our collection.

I am so excited that you guys have been loving playing on the website. The customization tool is so fun! I am hooked on it too so I made a bunch of Color Recipe’s for you guys to use for your own rugs. You can also customize them cause everything is handmade! And you can do them all without a monogram. I ordered the leopard sans monogram and it just arrived and it’s all that and a bag of chips!

Okay okay, I will get to the color recipes now. There are a billion. Sorry / you are welcome.

Starting first with the small dogs…

I am so obsessed with all of the above. I tried to do a bunch of different options for different scenarios but ya everything is pink cause ummm hello… have you met me? everything is always pink.

Next let’s do the doggies with the borders! These are the signature Willa Heart dogs. That border took me like 6 years to design so please buy one for every room in your house.

Guys, I know it’s a lot but I am nothing if not thorough. Should I have done an all blue one in there? Probably.

Okay lets pop over to the leopards now! Starting with the exact carpet I got. It’s orange and brown and heaven on earth! As discussed, I did it without the monogram.

I love my leopard rug so much that I wish i got it in a bigger size. Bigger is better, am I right ladies?

Next, let’s so the simplified leopards. I am love the all brown color recipe. Tres chic!

How fun are those last two? The bright pink background with yellow, blue, orange and green just does it for me. Bold and beautiful.

Hmmm… What should we discuss next. THE DRAGONS!

I honestly feel like I could plug any color combination into the dragon design and it would look perfect.

Speaking of dragons, let’s take a look at the simplified ones, shall we?

Insert dragon noise and flame here.

I know this is a long long long blog post but guess what? We are on to the last design! The Horse!

And there you have it! 65 million pre selected rug designs that can be completely customized or ordered as is!

If anyone needs any help selecting their colors, please just let me know! You could like email me photos of the room and I can make some options.

Lastly here is the website for you to go and work your magic:


scroll down to where it says “Start designing” then click on where it says Willa Heart to view my collection!

I highly recommend using a desktop for optimal pleasure.

Love you and happy shopping!



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