The Movie Club: No. 4

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Guys, how is it July? I feel like the year is flying by and I have a bunch of traveling coming up which is only going to make time move faster. I need everything to slooowwww dooowwwwnnnn. k?

So the other day I was watching June’s movie of the month and Tim goes “What is The Movie Club and is anyone other than you actually watching?” ummm rude Tim… I figured I would again explain cause if the person I live with and talk to the most doesn’t get it, you might not either. It’s a club that I made up, much like sticker club. They are faux clubs but 100% real in my heart. I don’t know how many people are actually watching (I know of at least 3 that watched Down With Love this month! Thank you!) but you guys love to reply when I post about it and that to me equals a win. Do I care if you don’t watch, not really. Do I care if you do watch? Yes very much so. I love participation but this is casual and zero pressure.

Movie Review:

So my thoughts on Down With Love. It is a fabulous movie and I love it very very much. The outfits are amazing, the set is just as good but you know what? The writing is what seals the deal. It’s fast and clever and has twists and turns you never see coming. Honestly, I could make it the movie of the month indefinitely and enjoy watching it every time.

My only issue with the movie is that I need more and the writers haven’t done anything since. What gives? The wrote Down With Love & Legally Blonde and then retired maybe? I don’t know where they went but I want more!

Overall I give Down With Love 5 Willa Hearts!

Now time for July’s selection.


MOVIE: The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)

STREAMING ON: I feel like you guys should know the answer to this by now. It’s not free anywhere that I know of but you can rent it from all the go to places.

Okay, I am so excited for this movie. I’ve never seen it but it looks summery and gorgeous. Have you guys noticed a theme in the movies I am picking? They are all pretty. Nothing matters but whats on the outside.

I feel like everyone is in the south of France or Italy or somewhere fabulous right now and based on a quick google image search of The Talented Mr. Ripley, I feel like it’s going to transport us there too. Who needs a vacation to capri when you can just watch a movie and feel like you are there for 1.5hrs? I don’t. But actually I do and I would really love to go. Who is in?

So I have no clue what the movie is about but who cares, Goop lookis gorgeous! I feel like her outfits are going to make me rethink my wardrobe. And then you have Matt Damon & Jude Law in their prime. Need I say more?

Hope you guys watch but if you don’t, I still will.

Happy July!



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