The Movie Club: No. 3


So here we are, June 3rd… I have been dreading this blog post but it is time to rip the bandaid and admit to the world, I Alyssa JIll Harrison Ford disliked (strongly) Romeo + Juliet because it was over my head.

It’s not Baz Luhrmann fault, he is fantastic. Visually, the movie is stunning and the soundtrack was top notch. I blame it on genetics. The thing is, dyslexia runs on both sides of my family, basically I am a perfect storm of language based insecurity and Romeo + Juliet was triggering. It made me feel all sorts of ways, mostly confused.

Let’s pause the review for a moment and jump into dyslexia. I know that is not what you are here for but that’s what is being served. Eat it up bitches.

Dyslexia comes in many forms, it effects people in different ways, sometime with numbers, sometimes with reading, sometimes in other ways (such as not understanding a movie). It also can range from like just a dusting of snow to a full blown blizzard. My dyslexia is a blizzard. I went to schools that specialized in language based learning disabilities my whole life and then came home to after school tutors. I couldn’t read until around 2rd grade and we are talking like picture books. I couldn’t read chapter books till probably around 5th grade. Imagine a sassy 12 year old with big boobs, big hair and zero reading comprehension. Cute right? I also didn’t take math or history till middles school cause I was so immersed in learning words. Reading sucks for me but my biggest issue with dyslexia has always been compression. I struggle with understanding the meaning behind words and the subtly. I need things laid out clearly.

All of this being said, I love my dyslexia. Because I couldn’t read forever, I just looked at pictures and made up my own story. I don’t understand things in the way other people d so I have to figure everything out my own way. Dyslexia programmed my brain to think visually and differently. It makes me super creative and hard working because nothing has ever come easy for me. I have so much more to say on all of this but I really should be sketching for a new project. Now, for the review.

Movie Review:

ROMEO + JULIET WAS A MINDFUCK! it was so over my head. I didn’t get it at all. I couldn’t understand what was happening and I wanted to rewatch but subjecting myself again to that torture was out of the question. It sounded like noises to me. I hated it. I am too old to find a 16 year old Leo attractive and after the party scene, shit gets dark. I just wanted it to be over. Oh. Vee. Eey. AR. OVER. Shakespeare? It’s a no from me sweetie. I guess I was expecting something lighter. I don’t know. Like I knew what it was but I didn’t expect them to stick to the script as much.

So there you have it. I didn’t like it because I didn’t get it. Don’t feel bad for me though, I am doing fucking awesome.

Now, it’s time for a movie I have seen and love. Something light and airy to cleanse the palate. Oh you guys are in for a treat!

Are you ready for it?


MOVIE: Down With Love (2003)



Hope you guys like this one! It is such a fun movie!

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